Past Winners

2013 2nd Annual Canadian Human and Statistical Genetics meeting

Best presentations, either oral or posters

Sali Farhan

Genetic Mapping and Exome Sequencing Identify NFS1 Deficiency as the Cause of a Novel Fe-S Cluster Disease, Infantile Mitochondrial Complex II/III Deficiency

Oliver Papapietro

R-Spondin 2 Signaling Mediates Susceptibility to Fatal Infectious Diarrhea

2012 1st Annual Canadian Human and Statistical Genetics meeting

Two best oral presentations

Matthew Dupont

Estimation of mutation carriers and model of penetrance in a genetic fine m aping method, through the coalescent process with recombination

Megan Eva

An ENU-induced mutation in STAT4 increases innate susceptibility to acute Salmonella Typhimurium infection in mice

Two best poster presentations

Jean-Philippe Fortin

Normalization methods for Illumina Infinium methylation arrays in a case-control study of colorectal cancer

Juan Pablo Lopez

miRNA expression in the prefontal cortex of suicide completers